Pay Per Click Advertising, or PPC as it is popularly called, can enable a business to be visible to highly targeted and motivated audience that is more likely to buy immediately.

Google, Yahoo and Bing are the three most popular PPC Advertising platforms. This course covers all the relevant aspects of PPC Advertising on Google, Yahoo and Bing and you will be able tolearn how to set up and manage PPC accounts on Google, Yahoo and Bing, conduct proper research and select relevant keywords/phrases that will not only bring in visitors but also convert into sales.

You will also learn the tricks of how to keep your PPC bids to a minimum while ensuring the best visibility and maximum conversions. The course content will also cover how to design the landing pages such that your PPC spend is minimized and the conversions maximized. You will also learn how to understand Analytics and generate relevant reports to be presented to your clients or management.

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