Being SEO training Institute, we have to keep track of the latest updates of the industry. Google rolled out facebook “like” competitor +1 button for websites on 1st June, 2011. The +1 button can be seen across the web on different websites. When you like something and want to recommend that website or page to your friends, you just have to click on +1. When you click on this button, you are actually telling Google to show this particular page to your friends who are connected to you via Google and other networking websites. When your friend is searching for information on Google and logged in to his / her Google account, they will see who has recommended this page with your name. The following video will explain more in detail:

You can activate this feature by joining the experiment on: For more information on activating this feature, visit the guideline here. Also the effect on SEO is elaborated quite thoroughly on the previous link.

How to add +1 button to wordpress blog posts pages

Adding +1 button to your wordpress blog is very simple. Here is the step by step guide:

  • Open Google +1 button code configurator
  • Under the “Create a custom +1 button” section, select the button size and desired language. You will be able to see the button preview in the white space next to these options.
  • Do not pass in URL parameter in the advanced options as we are adding this on wordpress blog. +1 Button is functioned to get the URL of the page from the canonical field (which is default in wordpress).
  • Tick “Include count” option if you want the counter to show along with the button.
  • After making changes in the above mentioned options, you will get two pieces of code that you need to implement on wordpress. First go to edit theme options in wordpress, here edit header.php. Paste the below code before the closing of <head> tag:
  • <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

  • Now save the header.php and edit single.php (normally its single.php, for different themes they might have used different naming conventions). Paste the below code where you want the +1 Button to be displayed i.e. beside or above your posts, where other sharing or bookmarking options you might have:


  • Save the file and check the effect on live website.

How to add +1 button to other websites

You need to follow similar steps for regular websites. The API code needs to be implemented in header section and this code <g:plusone></g:plusone> needs to be implemented where you want the button to show up.

For detailed technicalities of +1, visit this link.

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