Business owners and entrepreneurs having their online presence are often worried about the search engine rankings as it results into less traffic directed on their websites. And due to the latest Google Panda updates, several website owners who once indulged into unauthorized SEO activities are being penalized.

SEO Mistakes

If you do not want to be in the league of one of such brands, it is time for you to stop committing certain SEO sins. So beware of some of them mentioned below:

Stuffing Meta Keyword Tags

Meta keywords have been sheerly neglected by a number of search engines. But even then, the website owners stuff the tag with all the keywords that their business is associated with. This, is not going to help in anyway. In fact, it will provide your competitors with the hint to the keywords that you are willing to target. So make sure you do not stuff keyword meta tags on your website. If you have, it’s time to get rid of it now!

Misusing keywords

It is quite obvious that you would want your website to be ranked for a particular keyword. However, using such keywords numerous times is not going to help. Google has hired several brilliant heads who refine the search engines to make sure that the users get what they want. So let go of stuffing the keywords and instead write words that work. Your website should have the content that is interesting to read and your products and services will get promoted automatically!

Indulging into link exchange

Sometimes, the ranking of your website is decided by Google on the basis of links that direct the readers from your website to another. Before few years, the website owners used to exchange links with other companies for building up their inbound link counts. But unfortunately, you cannot do it now as you might have to pay a penalty. So if you have been exchanging links just for the sake of it, the time is up for you.

Purchasing links

Now this is the last thing you should do for accomplishing SEO tasks. You also might come across several dealers who would try to sell their link to you by promising to boost your traffic. Don’t do it. In Google’s perception, your purchased links are no less than the spam emails. And you sure do not want to suffer, do you?

Anchor text optimization

Gone are the days when it was necessary to ensure that the links directing to your website had the keywords you wanted to target. The trends are a bit different now. These links should have the name of your company instead.

Settling for cheap SEO providers

To save on money, business owners often settle for SEO providers that are available at cheap rates. However, you must know that even when you want primary levels of service, the work will cost you around $1,000 every month. The best quality of SEO services are available at the price of $3,000 and $10,000 charged every month. So if you come across the companies that offer these services at $500 per month, think twice and choose only the best.

Posting mediocre content for guest blogging

Matt Cutts, who is Google’s head of webspam was of the opinion that guest blog posting should die by 2014. However, it seems that Google is really bothered by low quality guests posts. So no need to have low quality links on your website as they will result into lesser traffic on your website.

There is no denying to the fact that Search Engine Optimization has a great potential when it comes to offering a better ROI to business owners. But it will always be wise on your part to avoid the above sins and indulge into effective SEO implementation techniques. You can join our SEO Training program to learn more about SEO and Advance SEO techniques.

Did we miss any other Sins? Let’s discuss.

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