Being an SEO Training Institute we keep researching on some or other topics in order to help our student to learn some new things or we can say some new practical things and today we want to share one awesome case study about “Uncrawled URL”, it’s not spelling mistake. Google might show URL in Search result which is not crawled.

Ahh ! We don’t want you to make more confusing. Let’s come to point, if you read that we shared few tips how to improve SEO using Robots.txt, you must be knowing we can block Search Engine spiders to crawl our site, but sometime you can see URL in search results. Have you seen something like that then you also share it via comment.

What is Uncrawled URLs ?

We just notice the same case via Key Word “Tej SolPro”, if you are not knowing about Tej SolPro then I should tell you that DIIM is part of Tej SolPro network. When we are searching for “Tej SolPro” in order to check listing and other details we found strange listing, (Check following image). The site is not hosted if you try to visit that site you will be redirect to and we had also blocked this URL via robots.txt but it is showing in Search Result.

Uncrawled URLs

When I saw that I surprise for a second but then I recall that Matt Cutts once talked on this topic in Google Webmaster Video. So according to Matt this might be happening as some other sites are pointing to that site with Particular Anchor Text are pointing to your site then your URL (not site) might shown in Search Result. If you have noticed in above screenshot there is nothing like Meta Description in the search results so this result come only via backlinks.

I used to give url at various site / profile as it’s easy to remind and type too 😉 Check the following video by Matt talking the same thing and other thing I notice that It got PR 1 too.

Do you face this kind of search results in Search Results, want to hear from you.

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  • Hardik

    I usually face this with non indexed backlinks. We take lot of efforts to make backlinks but it takes lot of time by google to index it. Pings are not reliable and there are rarely Any free alternative to get indexed faster. Do you happen to know any?

  • dhawal

    i am not exactly sure about url was crawl but not but i have seen 1 url without description but than i thought that this might b reason just bcz may be website was builted in flash or anything like that but any ways thx for the perfect reason !!

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