The internet is our new superhero. We want it to know that we exist!

We love sharing our lives on the various social platforms available. From sharing the kind of places we have visited to letting the world peek into our day to day activities, we have gotten the most comfortable with being visible to the entire world.

Digital Marketing, perceived amongst the marketers, is a deft and competent way to bring results from actions. Digital media is creating immense stir which also places it in a position of doubt for students to take it up as a career option or not. A fresh graduate from college will definitely weigh the pros and cons of any field of career choice before plunging into the vast ocean of digital marketing.

It would be unfair to say that Digital Marketing is the safest bet in terms of career choices but it is indeed catching up with other fields like advertising and IT industry. Knowing the career path well before setting forth onto it is essential.


We give you 5 main reasons which would help students as well as professionals to reach a conclusion and be confident while selecting career in Digital Marketing.

It’s Recession Proof

Marketing is all pervasive. Every business, big or small and belonging to various verticals will require itself to be marketed. Social media in Politics has also helped the government connect with the common people. The nightmares of getting expelled from your job because of recession will never bother you again!

High Demand

Every business is looking forward to be visible on the digital space. It is an emerging and fast growing career which is running short of experts in the field. Every industry needs digital marketing strategies to market their product and services, thus expecting more able professionals to do so. Statistics say that approximately 1.5 lakhs of digital marketing job openings by 2016.

With the rise in demand, it is of course a wise step to choose digital marketing as a career.

High Paying Positions

A skilled Digital Marketing newbie can easily make Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 18,000 monthly. Experienced personnel with 2-5 years of experience and expertise draw Rs. 3 Lakhs to Rs. 10 Lakhs annually (as shown on The average salary for Digital Marketing Managers in Gujarat is Rs. 450000 per annum according to

No Specific Educational Background

Digital Media is such that even if you’re still pursuing your education, you can dip your feet into it and learn the know-how of digital marketing. You do not need to be specifically qualified to learn digital marketing. The best part is, you do not have to restart your career if you want to make it big in digital marketing; you just have to be passionate enough. No MBA or engineering degrees required!

The Volatile Field

There is no stagnation. Just like technology changes every passing day, so does the technical and creative aspects of digital marketing. With every new update and trend in the online marketing scenario, marketers need to ride on the wave and beat their competitors. Those who have the flair to understanding the nature of the ever changing appetite of the society can do wonderfully well in this field. Thinking out of the box is the key!

A successful course in Digital Marketing gives the candidates opportunities to thrive in the dynamic environment of digital marketing and set the industry ablaze with tremendous ideas and innovation. Candidates can find Digital Marketing Manager, Web Analytics Expert, Social Media Manager, SEO Executive and many more such designations available in various organizations and can go for the one which they have expertise on.

Do you think you have that spark to excel? Find out more about digital marketing courses here.

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