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Google is very good at experiments. It always surprises the searchers with its new and innovative search features. Its main goal is to make Google search more users friendly with advanced technologies.  This time, Google has introduced new image search feature. When we think of searching images in Google we either plan to insert words or numbers, but now with this new image search feature we can insert image or image URL for searching anything. Sometime while searching we don’t get proper word or maybe it is difficult to express everything in words so in such situation this new image search feature can be boon to searchers.

How to use new image search feature?

New image search feature by Google can be used   by inserting any image related to your search or you can even insert the URL of the image. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to,
  2. Click the camera icon
  3. Now select image from your computer or paste the URL or the image related to your search.

Following the above simple step you can search images easily and quickly. This new feature works in few browsers, so if you have old browser just update it. Check the following Video for more information.

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