Using twitter for marketing and branding online is getting very popular day by day and Why not! World has seen some major brands like Dell who got huge benefit using twitter for their marketing campaign. Let’s look at some of the statistics of what dell got out of their Twitter Campaign.

It’s been three years now that Dell is on twitter since 2007 with @DellOutlet account and having huge number of followers:

dell outlet

Today Dell has 1,575,915 followers and it’s listed in 4,869 lists. Dell announced back in 2010 that they have surpassed $3 million in sales attributed to Twitter! Now that’s handsome figures! Isn’t it? And believe it or not but dell is not the solely successful player on twitter. There are many companies out there who got huge benefits from Twitter.

However the million dollar question arising here is: Does the huge number of followers is the only thing matters to make your company; a successful Brand??

Well let’s explore some factors which actually need to get attention while marketing your brand on twitter. Let’s look at them:

Quantity Vs Quality
Getting followers on twitter has become like a rat race now-a-days! Everyone is tailing about number of twitter followers, but do you ever care who your followers are? Do they anyway interested or related to your products and Services? Or they are following you just to market their brands once in a while?

The true fact that must be accepted that getting thousands of irrelevant followers on twitter is completely meaningless and waste of time and efforts. What is the meaning if 10,000 people who are following you and among them 4000 are those who just twit once in two or three months about their site or blog!

Followers for local Market
If you have some local business like selling homemade chocolate products, Pizza place or a restaurant and if you provide your products or services to local people only, may be limited to your town or state. In this case don’t aim for getting international followers.

Try to concentrate on local market and keep awaking people about twitter and your services on twitter to get best out of it.

How are you engaging on twitter?
This is a very important factor that needs to be considered for the company doing branding on twitter. It did not take just a day or two for Dell to get huge ROI from twitter. Their continued participation, solving user queries, making interface better and better, launching offers and coupons and many other strategies on twitter get them huge success.

So takeaway point to be noted here is, if you are aiming something huge from twitter, you need to keep engaging yourself with your followers to give them valuable services.

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  • Kent Hadley

    Your advice is sound and so true. Nothing comes without work and careful planning. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Zankhana

    Your article has drawn new way of expanding business with more income…I also think company can earn huge ROI if they handle their social site accounts soundly ..

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